Feed A Child

Our Volunteers

Our wonderful volunteers are very active...

The ongoing work for FACT volunteers includes:

developing recipes
sewing bags
liaising with schools

We also have work around the times when we are packing meals:

ordering groceries
organizing the pack and delivery

When we hold events - Easter, Christmas, and perhaps an August event -- there is always work to be done!

Please note that recipe development is challenging because of the restrictions:

Cost no more than £2 to feed a family of four, although sometimes we go over a little bit. (We use the least expensive store brands most of the time).
Ingredients all have long shelf life - usually tins and dried food such as pasta and rice.
Cooking instructions for preparing the meal on a hob or hotplate and also for preparing the meal in a microwave.
Not assuming that there is a larder with oil, seasonings, sauces, etc., although we could add small amounts of sauces (ketchup, brown sauce, etc.) if we buy individual portion packs from Bookers and include a few of these (perhaps 4) as part of the recipe.