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Partner Programs

Partner Programs

We are immensely grateful for all those kind and generous people who volunteer their time and expertise to help us to help Torbay's hungry children.

The number of organisations that are supporting us financially has grown steadily over the years. In response to requests to highlight your support for us on your website, we are pleased to make available a "Valued Partner" logo.


In order to maintain consistent branding we ask the following:

1. Your organisation obtains written (via email) permission to use the logo on your website.

2. You only use the logo in the manner that we have agreed with you. Should you deviate from these guidelines, we may ask you to modify your use, or even to stop, using the logo.

3. You do not modify the logo (such as changing colours, or altering its square format, for example).

4. You do not imply a relationship with Feed A Child Torbay other than that previously agreed with you.


You may right-click and save the following logo. It's a PNG file, so will show transparently the background of the webpage on which it is displayed. The image size is 300px x 300px but you may resize it smaller if you wish.

If you have any other requirements (such as print-quality versions of our Valued Partner logo) please contact us. We are very happy to assist you.

We would be grateful for the logo to provide a link to "https://feedachildtorbay.org.uk".