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About Us

Feed A Child Torbay (FACT) provides food for children in need during school holidays, when they lack free school meals and might otherwise be hungry. We work through schools, as we have since starting in 2017. At this time we serve 16 primary schools, and are expanding.

The pastoral care staff at the schools let us know how many families need support. We provide the school with non-perishable “meal kits” for those families: at least two meal kits per week in the school holiday. The meal kits are designed to feed a family of four and can be prepared on the hob or in the microwave following simple instructions. Meal kits typically have a meat, some vegetables, a starch (potatoes, pasta or rice) and a pudding, often tinned fruit.

We also provide nut-free breakfast bars and juice packs to the schools, so that teachers can give some quick energy food to a child struggling to attend in class because of hunger.

This year FACT also began to provide emergency meal kits to all primary schools in Torbay who request them and to some NHS staff (social prescribing, school nursing). Working with the Council, we also provide parcels for children excluded from school who would otherwise have free school meals.

Our work relies entirely on volunteers; we have no paid staff. If you might be able to volunteer, please contact us via our webpage contact page, our Facebook page or by sending an email to TorbayFACT@gmail.com.

We have three main roles for volunteers:

People who are self-isolating can help by contacting schools and updating our records.

People who prefer to stay at home might pack meal kits for us; we can deliver the food and supplies needed to you and we can collect the meal kits and deliver them to schools. We also need volunteers who drive and can manage bags of groceries and cases of tins.

We welcome donations of money, food, or other supplies. If you want to donate food, it is helpful if you contact us first to see what we need. We are often short of tinned meats (such as chicken in white sauce, chili con carne, hotdogs, meatballs), tinned vegetables (peas, sweetcorn, potatoes) and tinned fruit.


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