Feed A Child


How does Feed A Child Torbay operate?

Feed A Child Torbay rely entirely on donations of money and food, as we have done since our beginnings in 2017. Our usual approach to providing food for children is to help compensate for the lack of free school meals in the school holidays. We operate through schools and rely on school staff – who know the families and their needs – to tell us how many families require support. We provide meal kits to the schools, and they distribute them to the families.

Through the coronavirus crisis we have scrambled and adapted in many ways. I'm pleased that we have successfully provided non-perishable meal kits for the school holidays to a growing number of Torbay primary schools. In addition we provide emergency meal kits to primary schools, social prescribing staff and school nurses for distribution to families in urgent need, to tide them over until they can get a parcel from a food bank Working with the Council, we are also providing meal packs to children who have been excluded from school who would otherwise receive free school meals.

We are very pleased to work in cooperation with other food providers in Torbay, through the Torbay Food Alliance (new name: Torbay Community Support Alliance), a partnership of food banks and other organisations working to assure that food is available and distributed equitably to people who need it throughout Torbay: https://www.torbayfoodalliance.org.

Please advise what a donation could do for you?

For example, £275 would pay for:

  • about 12 "breakfast kits" - Each contains about 80 cereal bars and 60 juice boxes; schools use these to provide something in the morning to children who appear to have had little or no food since the previous lunch, to help those children learn better - or -
  • about 90 "meal kits" - Each contains non-perishable ingredients and cooking guidelines to feed a family of four. We provide these to schools both for emergency needs and for support to families in need during school holidays, when they must manage without free school meals - or -
  • the bags we need for the meal kits to support 141 families for a year.

We welcome donations of any size, small or large, it all helps :)

Do you have a dedicated bank account for your cause?

Yes, we bank with Nat West, sort code 60 21 48, Account number 59167688, Account name: Feed A Child Torbay (FACT)

How is FACT managed? For example do you run it yourself, have a committee and/or a treasurer?

Our constitution is available online here.

We have a chair, secretary, treasurer, from among our trustees.

We have no paid staff; everyone involved volunteers their time and efforts - and often a bit more.

Can you confirm the beneficiaries of donations will be representative of all communities and your good cause is fully inclusive and available for everybody to participate?

We work primarily through Torbay primary schools. Pastoral care tutors at the schools we serve tell us how many families will need support during school holidays.  We then provide the school with meal kits to provide each family with two easily prepared meals for the family for each week of school holiday.

We provide emergency meal kits to all primary schools in Torbay who request them. At this time we provide holiday meals to 16 of Torbay's 30 primary schools, across Torquay, Paignton, and Brixham. As our finances and volunteers allow, we are expanding to include more schools each year.

We are extending our offer of support to pre-schools as well. We hope some day to be able to support secondary schools and colleges also.

We work with the Council to provide parcels with 5-lunches each week for children who have been excluded from school but would otherwise receive free school meals.

We are beginning to work with doctors' surgeries to provide emergency meal kits that they can leave with families in need, when referring them to food banks for more substantial provisions.

Anyone who wishes to help can volunteer. Because we do not work directly with the children or their families, we don't require DBS checks or other procedures that might dissuade some people from getting involved.